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Thunderbird 3 Email Support

FAQ Thunderbird 3 Email Support
  • ** The images below are from a Windows computer but these instructions apply to both Windows and Mac
  • On the "Account Setup" screen, enter the following information:
  • Your name: your real name, for example "Jane Smith"
  • Email address: yourname at your, for example ""
  • Password: the password for your respective account
Thunderbird 3 Email Support
  • Click Continue button.

  • Thunderbird will try the default settings to see if they'll work. Click the Stop button.

Thunderbird 3 Email Support
  • Make the following changes:
Thunderbird 3 Email Support
  • Enter/Modify the following information within "Server Settings" screen:

    • User name: yourname
    • Incoming:
    • POP = 110
    • Click Create Account
  • Click Manual Setup... button.

  • Verify the information within "Server Settings" screen is as follows:

Thunderbird 3 Email Support
  • You are now ready to interact with your account. Click Ok
  • Click Get Mail button.

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