Publishing Support

Publisher Support

Publishing with Adobe GoLive v6.x

  • Open Adobe GoLive and click on Edit and choose Servers.
Adobe GoLive - Server Settings
  • Click on the New Item Button.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - New item
  • Fill in the information requested. Nickname can be anything.
  • Server is ftp:// followed by your domain name.
  • Lastly, enter your username and click OK.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Server/Directory and Username settings
  • Click Site in the main file menu and choose FTP Server.
  • Click on the NickName you gave your site. This will put a check mark on your site.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Additional Settings
  • Click Site at the top again and choose FTP Server and click Connect.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Initiate Connection
  • Enter your username and password and click OK.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Enter Username And Password.
  • Select the files in the left column that need to be uploaded and click and drag them to the right column.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Transfer Folders
  • When you visit your site, you should be able to see your newly uploaded files.
Adobe GoLive 6 Support - Check the site