Email Support

Email Support

FAQ Eudora Light Email Support
  • Click on the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Click on the Personal Info image under the Category section.
  • For the POP account field, enter
  • For the Real name field, enter your name.
  • NOTE: You can use any name you want here with both upper and lower case letters.
  • For the Return address field, enter:
Eudora Light - Personal Information entry
  • Click on the Hosts image under the Category section.
  • For the SMTP field, enter your ISP's smtp-server.
Eudora Light - Host Information entry
  • Click on the OK button.

Checking Your Email

  • Select File --> Check Mail or click on the Check Mail button.
  • A password window will appear.
Eudora Light - Password entry
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • When you receive a new email message, it will show up in your In box. New email messages have a bullet on the left side that will disappear when the message has been read.
Eudora Light - Browse Inbox
  • To read the new email message, double-click on the item and a new window will appear displaying the contents of the email message.
Eudora Light - View an email>
  • To close the message, simply click on the X in the top-right corner of the message window.

Sending Email

  • Select Message --> New Message or click on the New Message button.
  • Fill in the To field with the recipient's email address.
  • Fill in the Subject field with the topic of the email message.
  • Fill in the Body of the email with your message.
Eudora Light - Sending email />
  • Click on the Send button to deliver the email.