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FAQ Publishing with Publisher 2002
  • Open your publisher website document and go to File and choose Save as Web Page.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Change Save In to your C: Drive.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Click the Create New Folder button.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Name the folder myfiles.
  • Click OK.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Now you will be in the myfiles folder on the C drive.
  • For file name, type index.html and click Save.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Publisher has now saved all of your website files to the myfiles folder on the C drive.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Keep the myfiles folder open, and then open Internet Explorer.
  • In the address bar, type Of course, replace this info with your username and domain name.
  • Press Enter.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Internet Explorer will connect to your FTP location.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Now place the myfiles folder and the Internet Explorer window side to side.
  • Select all the files in the my files folder and drag them and drop them into the Internet Explorer window.
Publisher 2002 Support
  • Your files will be uploaded to the root directory.
  • When you go to your site, you should see your webpage.
Publisher 2002 Support

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