FTP Support

FTP Support

FTP Voyager Version 15 Support
  • Configuring FTP Voyager to connect to a FTP server is very easy and requires only a few simple steps.
  • There are two different "Modes" that FTP Voyager can run in, simple and standard mode. To verify which one you are using open FTP Voyager then go to "Options" located on the menu bar. If simple mode is unchecked, then you are using standard mode.

    First select the Connection button, this will bring up the site Profile Manager

    Note: When using simple mode you may be prompted with the Simple Mode Connection Wizard. Select the link if you need additional information.

  • Simple mode
  • With the connection manager opened, there are four fields that will need to be filled in:

    • Name: A name you shoose to call your site.
    • FTP Site: www.yourdomain.com
    • User ID: Anonymous login needs to be unchecked. Enter yourdomain (do not include '.com')
    • Password: This information will be supplied to you either verbally or via email.

  • FTP Voyager 15


  • Note: The default directory should be left blank unless you are sure the path entered is correct.

    Once the information is entered, hit the Connect Button to connect to the FTP server.