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Email Support

Email Clients

Email clients are applications that enable you to send electronic messages to other users on the Internet. There are a number of clients available on the market, including Eudora Pro, Outlook, and others. These clients have the ability to create new messages, check mail on an Internet mail server, and read mail. You can also attach files to a message, enabling you to send documents, graphics, programs, and other files over the Internet.

Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3)

The type of Email accounts that the guides cover here are POP3 accounts, which are also refereed to as Post Office Protocol. POP3 is a remote access protocol that allows you to receive email from any server on the Internet (that you have an account on) from any computer connected to the Internet. The only requirements that you have to meet are that your computer has a POP3-compatible email reader, such as Outlook Express, Netscape, or Eudora, and that the email server is configured to accept POP3 requests.

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