Publishing Support

Publisher Support

Publishing with Adobe GoLive
  • This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through configuring Adobe GoLive to exchange files between your computer and your web site. In order to follow along with us, you'll need to have Adobe GoLive installed, and you'll need to be connected to the internet via your Internet service provider.
  • Create a Simple page:
  • Before you may publish an html file to your web site with Adobe GoLive, you must either have a page already created, or create a page. To create a page with Adobe GoLive, follow these simple steps:
  • With Adobe GoLive open, choose File --> New.
  • Type in "Hello World"
  • From the menu bar, choose File --> Save As
  • Name the html file. (If this file is to be your homepage, be sure to name it index.html)
  • Once you have the file saved to your hard drive, you are ready to publish the file.
  • Publish Your Web Page
  • Make sure that you have set up the TCP/IP networking setup correctly on your computer. Consult your modem, ISDN, or network adapter user manual for more information.
Adobe Live - FTP Upload Settings
  • From the menu bar, choose File --> Ftp upload/download.
  • In the Server text box in the FTP Upload/Download window, type the FTP address of the Web server you want to access.
  • In the Directory text box, type the directory path to your personal folder on the FTP server. If you specify a directory, Adobe GoLive tries to connect to that directory. In most cases, however, you can leave this text box blank because your access privileges typically are restricted to your personal folder.
  • In the User Name text box, type in the user ID that the server administrator assigned you. (If you want to access a public download area, you can use Anonymous as the user ID, which doesn’t require a password.)
  • In the Password text box, type in the personal password that the server administrator gave you.
  • Click Connect. After connecting to the remote server, Adobe GoLive displays the directory on the remote server volume.
  • To download, drag files or folders one at a time from the FTP Upload/Download window to the desktop. To upload, do the reverse.