Email Support

Pegasus Email Support

FAQ Pegasus Email Support
  • Click on the File menu, and choose network configuration.
Pegasus Email Support
  • Enter in the POP Host field.
  • In the Username field, enter in your POP3 user name (The first part of your email address before the "@" sign).
  • Enter your password in the Password field.
  • Enter your isp's Smtp-server in the SMTP host field.
  • Press OK when you are finished.

Checking Your Email

  • Press the World with two arrows icon to send and receive messages
Pegasus Email Support

Sending Mail

Pegasus Email Support
  • Enter the destination address in the To field. The destination address should take the form of
  • Enter the Subject in the Subject field.
  • Enter your message in the message field.
  • Press the Send button at the top of the screen.
  • NOTE: If it is set to que messages you will have to press the send/receive button.